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    I did content.

  • lady-gaga-meat-dress-9ee4fa3700a76f37

    WCS Obscure Sports Roundup: Meat Boot

    Welcome again to our WCS world tour of obscure sports. Today we bring you to the Rhodopes Massif of Southern Bulgaria and the wild world of animal outerwear sports. So here’s...

  • chess-boxing

    WCS Obscure Sports Roundup: Chessboxing

    At least until training camp starts and while the Frog guy is on vacation, you will continue to get these inane Obscure Sports Roundups. Enjoy them while you can. So here’s...

  • Jai Alai

    WCS Obscure Sports Roundup

    Here’s a new and possibly one-time feature at WCS: the Obscure Sports Roundup. I wrote it seeing as content is needed and the standards for content are shockingly low.   So...