Nailed It! 2013: The Pantheon closes its doors

Updated: February 7, 2014

The NFL season has finally come to a close. With the end of the season, that also means that the Pantheon will be closing its doors as well. However, before the doors are officially closed, let’s take a look back at this past week, and the season in total.

Last week, there were seven people who correctly called their shot. This is a bit higher than I expected, so I am glad to see that number. It is a good way to end the year, especially since there were only three entries from the previous round of the playoffs.

It's so nice to see Macs finally supporting Windows.

It’s so nice to see Macs finally supporting Windows.

Overall, this has been a great year for the Pantheon. There have been several memorable occasions that I would like to revisit.

To start, there were 413 names that were added to the halls of the Pantheon this year. Last year, there were only 127. In fact, we passed last year’s total by week six of this year at which time we had 130 names added.

The season started off well (albeit expensively for me) with two people predicting final scores in week one. That definitely foretold of good things to come.

Week two set the record for the most ever names added into the Pantheon in one week with 34. The record stood all year, although we did come close to it in week seven (30), week 11 (31), and week 16 (30).

Another record was set in week three. Ten people all correctly predicted what the Saints would score in their victory over the Cardinals. That is the most that has ever happened for one game in one of the Pantheon’s categories in a week.

Some would argue that jmac3444 had the most successful season of all prognosticators, due to his correctly predicting the final score of three different games. What was truly memorable though, was that he was able to do it in consecutive weeks from week six to week seven.

Also in week seven, three other people joined jmac3444 to correctly predict the final score of the game between the Lions and Bengals. That set the record for most correct final score predictions in a week at four. One that I hope will be broken.

This year we ended up with 14 correct final score predictions, which nearly tripled the five that we got all of last year.

There were many other fun times this year, but sadly, all fun things must come to an end. And with that the Pantheon will begin to close its doors.

But before the doors are fully closed, read on one last time to find out just exactly who Nailed It!

Final score

These are the people who have (somehow) correctly predicted the final outcome of a game. The only shot that was called that could be considered more famous than these belongs to . Bow down before their wisdom! (And make sure you ask them for next week’s lotto numbers.)

  • None this week.

Scoring differential

These are the ones who correctly predicted the margin by which the victors would best their competition. These are also the ones to consult if you want to bet the spread.

  • None this week.

Total combined score

These are those who somehow managed to pick the correct total score but did not have any clue in how the teams would actually get there. Still, if you want to bet an over/under, you could do worse than consulting with them.

  • Seattle @ Denver – BlutosPackers, Cam Of Steel, DanOnWis23, Natesweet, niemerg1, smtate91, and The Real Cjammin all correctly predicted that the teams would combine to score 51 points.

Winning team’s score

  • None this week.

Against the grain

Oftentimes, our picks will be unanimous. However, there are those who will sometimes walk their own path.

  • None this week.
Something's wrong...oh crap, I think I left my iron on!

Something’s wrong…oh crap, I think I left my iron on!


I would like to congratulate the seven people named above. You did well to predict such a tough game as the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, your bragging rights may not mean much as the season has drawn to a close. And depending on where you fall on the final standings list below, they might mean even less. 

The final standings

It has been a long year, and now you can finally see exactly how you did compared to your peers.

MIBearFan was able to hold on to his small lead, and finished in first place with the most entries (21) in the Pantheon. 

There was only one other person that moved in the top five. With his one correct called shot this week, Natesweet was able to move into a tie for fifth place with 13 entries.

Now without further ado, here is the overall standings for everyone that called their shot (in the case of a tie, the names are arranged alphabetically):

  1. MIBearFan – 21 entries
  2. BearsSaveLives – 20
  3. rocketman6969 – 15
  4. jwoude23 – 14
  5. andylet445 – 13
  6. LambeauOrWrigley – 13
  7. Natesweet – 13
  8. Cam Of Steel – 12
  9. Childerz – 12
  10. Donny_Donowitz33 – 12
  11. TheHairy1 – 12
  12. Nardo – 11
  13. The Real Cjammin – 11
  14. ___bp___ – 10
  15. Dwargs – 10
  16. niemerg1 – 10
  17. robertj72 – 10
  18. buildingwithclay – 9
  19. jmac3444 – 9
  20. Maized – 9
  21. MKE – 9
  22. thenichels – 9
  23. FalconsFan0125 – 8
  24. G & G – 8
  25. smtate91 – 8
  26. 50CaliberFalcon – 7
  27. Big Cheese – 7
  28. DanOnWis23 – 7
  29. EvilDonkey – 7
  30. Jeff_Schulz – 7
  31. Preparation_A – 7
  32. LaCWrestler – 6
  33. Nonstopdrivel – 6
  34. Staffords_Glove – 6
  35. Tearloch – 6
  36. BlutosPackers – 5
  37. curtisfryer_p – 5
  38. reggiesnodeuce – 5
  39. S1L3NT_ashes – 5
  40. SDL – 5
  41. Saintschicka – 4
  42. CONCHS333 – 3
  43. LSU4LIFE – 3
  44. NightStalkerThief – 3
  45. UNCfan 90 – 3
  46. adambballn – 2
  47. EyesrDirtyBird red – 2
  48. falconsriseup19 – 2
  49. Rajifarian – 2
  50. Buhlitz – 1
  51. Deep Cool – 1
  52. ethan_fitz01 – 1
  53. InfiniteMelvins – 1
  54. Lionskillpack – 1
  55. MNvikeinNC – 1
  56. Niners_Never_Die – 1
  57. Northern_Lights – 1
  58. sgunderson17 – 1
  59. TheMostInterestingHorseInTheWorld – 1
  60. aciddragon – 0
  61. BeerLion – 0
  62. CD4Packers – 0
  63. gatrbuc17 – 0
  64. Gony Tonzalez – 0
  66. Joedirte – 0
  67. Koosh12684 – 0
  68. matt_vfalcon32 – 0
  69. Natradamus – 0
  70. thebaskett – 0

If you would like to see what shots the leaders have correctly called, or perhaps to see how close you are to them, you can find that in our Pantheon. Now until next week, let’s give a little congratulatory clap to those who are listed in this article. Or not. Your choice.

The doors of the Pantheon are now closed. Thanks again for another wonderful year, and I hope you return when the Pantheon opens its doors at the start of the next season.

About the author(s)

In addition to providing up-to-the-minute draft analysis for the Water Cooler Sports, Troy Monson administers the WCS Call Your Shot Thursday contest and writes our weekly Nailed It! feature. He lives in Colorado with his wife and children. Feel free to contact him with questions and comments at or connect with .

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