NFC South keeps it close in Week 7 of fantasy challenge

Updated: October 27, 2013

Overlooked by several managers, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was one of the top Week 7 performers in the Water Cooler Sports NFC North on South Fantasy Football Challenge.

Week 7 of the Water Cooler Sports NFC North on South Fantasy Football Challenge was the second of two consecutive weeks in which the South was down a team. This week the North will be down a team, as the Chicago Bears will be enjoying their bye.

After missing the Atlanta Falcons last week, the South were without the New Orleans Saints this week, their two teams with the most playmakers — though you wouldn’t know this by looking at the two divisions’ high scores.  The South had a possible high score of 150, while the North could have scored a 154.

Week 7 Lineups

NFC South

Gatrbuc17 Team Ramrod John Wilkes Booth Robert J. Russ
QB Drew Brees Drew Brees Drew Brees Cam Newton
WR Vincent Jackson Marques Colston Steve Smith Steve Smith
WR Marques Cholston Vincent Jackson Ted Ginn, Jr. Vincent Jackson
WR Steve Smith Mike Williams Mike Williams Ted Ginn, Jr.
RB Doug Martin Doug Martin Doug Martin DeAngelo Williams
RB DeAngelo Williams Darren Sproles Darren Sproles Doug Martin
TE Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham Tony Gonzalez
K Matt Bryant Brian Lindell Matt Bryant Matt Bryant
IDP Lavonte David Darrelle Revis Luke Kuechly Lavonte David
IDP Luke Kuechly Lavonte David Charles Johnson Luke Kuechly
IDP Mark Barron Star Lotulelei Thomas Davis
Shane Tate Fiddylicious Falconsfan0125 Scooped Man
QB Cam Newton Drew Brees Matt Ryan Drew Brees
WR Steve Smith Steve Smith Harry Douglas Julio Jones
WR Vincent Jackson Vincent Jackson Vincent Jackson Vincent Jackson
WR Ted Ginn Marquees Colston Brandon LaFell Lance Moore
RB Doug Martin Doug Martin Doug Martin Doug Martin
RB DeAngelo Williams Diangalo Williams Jaqzuizz Rodgers Pierre Thomas
TE Tony Gonzalez Jimmy Graham Tony Gonzalez Jimmy Graham
K Matt Bryant Garrett Hartley Matt Bryant Matt Bryant
IDP Luke Kuechly Cameron Jordan Darelle Revis Luke Kuechly
IDP Lavonte David Luke Kuechly William Moore Cameron Jordan
IDP Greg Hardy Lavonte David Osi Umenyiora LaVonte David
Cam Of Steel SCHAUB LIFTER Saintschica09 The Dr Professor
QB Cam Newton Drew Brees Brees Drew Brees
WR Steve Smith Julio Jones Marques Colston Marques Colston
WR Vincent Jackson Steve Smith Julio Jones Steve Smith
WR Ted Ginn Jr. Vincent Jackson Lance Moore Vincent Jackson
RB Deangelo Williams Deangelo Williams Pierre Thomas Doug Martin
RB Doug Martin Pierre Thomas Doug Martin Darren Sproles
TE Tony Gonzalez Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham
K Matt Bryant Matt Bryant Matt Bryant Garrett Hartley
IDP Luke Kuechly Cameron Jordan Curtis Lofton Curtis Lofton
IDP Charles Johnson Luke Kuechly Osi Umenyoira Luke Kuechly
IDP Osi Umenyiora William Moore Kenny Vaccaro Darrelle Revis

NFC North

Koosh12684 Niemerg BP Rape and Pillage
QB Aaron Rodgers Jay Cutler Jay Cutler Jay Cutler
WR Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson Jordy Nelson Brandon Marshall
WR Brandon Marshall Brandon Marshall Brandon Marshall Jordy Nelson
WR Jordy Nelson Alshon Jeffery Calvin Johnson James Jones
RB Eddie Lacy Matt Forte Adrian Peterson Matt Forte
RB Reggie Bush Adrian Peterson Matt Forte Reggie Bush
TE JerMicheal Finley Martellus Bennett JerMicheal Finley Martellus Bennett
K Mason Crosby Robbie Gould Robbie Gould Mason Crosby
IDP Tim Jennings Harrison Smith Harrison Smith Tim Jennings
IDP AJ Hawk Major Wright Ndamokong Suh A.J. Hawk
IDP Johnny Jolly Tim Jennings Morgan Burnett Lance Briggs
Jwoude23 Childer'z Merry Band JSchulz Flaxidental Discharge
QB Jay Cutler Josh Freeman Jay Cutler Matt Stafford
WR Brandon Marshall Greg Jennings Brandon Marshall Calvin Johnson
WR Jordy Nelson Brandon Marshall Greg Jennings Greg Jennings
WR Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson Jordy Nelson
RB Adrian Peterson Adrian Peterson Matt Forte Reggie Bush
RB Matt Forte Matt Forte Adrian Peterson Adrian Peterson
TE Jermichael Finley Jermichael Finley JerMicheal Finley Jermichael Finley
K David Akers Mason Crosby David Akers Ndamokong Suh
IDP Charles Tillman Tim Jennings Tim Jennings
IDP Tim Jennings Chris Cook Jared Allen Deandre Levy
IDP Morgan Burnett Morgan Burnett Amari Spivey David Akers
Danonwis23 Axis of Black & Blue Prep A Tramon Feel the Noise
QB Aaron Rodgers Matt Stafford Aaron Rodgers Jay Cutler
WR Jordy Nelson Calvin Johnson Brandon Marshall Calvin Johnson
WR Randall Cobb Brandon Marshall Calvin Johnson Brandon Marshall
WR James Jones Kris Durham Alshon Jeffrey Alshon Jeffrey
RB Eddie Lacy Reggie Bush Eddie Lacy Matt Forte
RB James Starks Adrian Peterson Matt Forte Joique Bell
TE JerMicheal Finley Joseph Fauria Joseph Fauria Kyle Rudolph
K Mason Crosby Blair Walsh Blair Walsh Blair Walsh
IDP Clay Matthews Ziggy Ansah Mike Neal Ndamokong Suh
IDP Johnny Jolly Nick Fairley Casey Hayward Jared Allen
IDP Morgan Burnett DeAndre Levy Nick Fairley Julius Peppers
Adambballn MKE
QB Aaron Rodgers Matt Stafford
WR Jordy Nelson Brandon Marshall
WR Brandon Marshall Alshon Jeffery
WR Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson
RB Matt Forte Eddie Lacy
RB Reggie Bush Matt Forte
TE Martellus Bennett Jermichael Finley
K Robbie Gould Mason Crosby
IDP Tim Jennings Tim Jennings
IDP Charles Tillman Charles Tillman
IDP Louis Delmas Louis Delmas

Week 7 Results

NFC South

Gatrbuc17 Team Ramrod John Wilkes Booth Robert J. Russ Shane Tate Fiddylicious
QB 0 0 0 15 15 0
WR 21 0 10 10 10 10
WR 0 21 2 21 21 21
WR 10 2 2 2 2 0
RB 3 3 3 3 3 3
RB 3 0 0 3 3 3
TE 0 0 0 2 2 0
K 7 11 7 7 7 11
IDP 3 0 1 3 1 0
IDP 1 3 2 1 3 1
IDP 0 1 2 3 6 3
Total 48 41 29 70 73 52
Falconsfan0125 Scooped Man Cam Of Steel SCHAUB LIFTER Saintschicka09 Dr Professor
QB 28 0 15 0 0 0
WR 15 0 10 0 0 0
WR 21 21 21 10 0 10
WR 2 0 2 21 0 21
RB 3 3 3 3 0 3
RB 16 0 3 0 3 0
TE 2 0 2 0 0 0
K 7 7 7 7 7 0
IDP 0 1 1 0 0 0
IDP 7 0 2 1 1 1
IDP 1 3 1 7 0 0
Total 102 35 67 49 11 35

NFC North

Koosh12684 Niemerg BP Rape & Pillage Jwoude23 Childer'z JSchulz
QB 28 -3 -3 -3 -3 3 -3
WR 22 22 8 5 5 2 5
WR 5 5 5 8 8 5 2
WR 8 7 22 0 22 22 22
RB 12 25 2 25 2 2 25
RB 5 2 25 5 25 25 2
TE 10 6 10 6 10 10 10
K 7 11 11 7 6 7 6
IDP 1 0 0 1 8 1 1
IDP 4 2 3 4 1 0 2
IDP 0 1 1 2 1 1 0
Total 102 78 84 60 85 78 72
Flaxidental Danonwis23 Axis of B & B Prep A Tramon Adambballn MKE
QB 32 28 32 28 -3 28 32
WR 22 8 22 5 22 8 5
WR 2 0 5 22 5 5 7
WR 8 0 2 7 7 22 22
RB 5 12 5 12 25 25 12
RB 2 0 2 25 2 5 25
TE 10 10 1 1 1 6 10
K 6 7 1 1 1 11 7
IDP 3 0 0 0 3 8 1
IDP 0 0 0 0 2 1 8
IDP 2 1 2 0 2 1 1
Total 92 66 72 101 67 120 130


Unfortunately, eight out of 12 NFC South managers choose not to submit rosters in Week 7. Those eight teams averaged 37.5 points.

So as not to handicap the managers who did submit teams, I eliminated the eight from the average score, meaning this week’s average score will come only from those who submitted a team. That brings their average to 78 points, much closer to the North’s 86-point average.

The South had one good option at quarterback (Matt Ryan at 28 points), and two decent options in Cam Newton (15) and Mike Glennon(19). Falconsfan0125, who had the high score this week, was the only manager to chose Matt Ryan; the other three chose Cam Newton.

The North had two good options at quarterback in Matthew Stafford (32 points) and Aaron Rodgers (28 points), and one decent option in Josh McCown (16 points), playing for the injured Jay Cutler.  Three teams selected Stafford while four selected Rodgers.

Seven managers — including BP, Rape and Pillage, and Tramon Feel the Noise, all of whom are Green Bay Packers fans – chose Jay Cutler, who earned their team a whopping -3 points.  To those three, I say that’s what you get for doubting Aaron Godgers!

The South had better options at wide receiver this week — and did fairly well to pick them. All four chose the high scorer, Vincent Jackson with 21 points, thanks to his two touchdowns off of 22 targets.  One of the teams took second -lace scorer, Harry Douglas at 15, and the other three teams chose Steve Smith with 10 points.  But for their third wide receiver selection, all four teams netted only two points.

The North did roughly the same in the receiving department, with one fewer receiver scoring more than 10 points but three players in the five- to 10-point range. With Calvin Johnson apparently healed from his injury, he was back as the leader, garnering 22 points thanks to his 150-yard, two-touchdown performance, and all but two teams chose him.  No one in the North expected Jarrett Boykins to score 12 points, and he went unselected this week.  But there were 23 combined selections of Jordy Nelson (five), Alshon Jeffery (seven), and Brandon Marshall (five).

At running back, the South did a fairly poor job of selecting the top performers.  Jacquizz Rodgers, the high scorer at 16 points, was only selected once.  Every other selection earned his team only three points. Thanks a lot, Doug Martin and DeAngelo Williams.  Mike Tolbert with eight points was left out.

The North, on the other hand, did a swell job of selecting the top performers. With his astonishing three touchdowns, Matt Forte led the way at 25 points and was selected by 10 teams.  Second-place Eddie Lacy, selected by only four teams, scored his teams 12 points. Five people chose Reggie Bush, who also scored five points. Adrian Peterson, playing with a brand-new quarterback in Josh Freeman, was expected to get a large workload. But the seven teams who chose him only had two points to show for it.

For the second straight week, the South is struggling at TE without Jimmy Graham.  All four teams chose Tony Gonzalez and netted only two points. They could have gotten 50 percent more production by selecting Greg Olsen.

For the North, we can only hope that this week is not the last time our teams will be able to chose Jermichael Finley, who left the field on a stretcher with a bruised spinal column. Before he left, though, he did earn his eight managers 10 points, tops in the North. Martellus Bennett, selected by three teams, scored six points.

At kicker every South team took Matt Bryant, who coincidentally was last in the South, at seven points.

In the North, Blair Walsh, who was selected by the majority of teams to begin the contest, was last with only one point. Managers must have assumed the Vikings wouldn’t be putting many points on the board, as only three selected him.  The top scorer, Robbie Gould, earned his three teams 11 points.

On defense, the South averaged 2.41 points on their selections, while the North averaged 1.6 points. Out of 12 selections, the South had two score above three points and six score only one or less points. Of their 42 selections, the North had three earn above four points but 27 who finished with one or less.

The three top scorers in the South — Captain Munnerlyn (16), Thomas DeCoud (11), and Mike Mitchell (10) — were not selected.  Fourth- and fifth-place scorers, William Moore (7) and Greg Hardy (6), were each selected once.

In the North, high scorer Charles Tillman was selected by three people and earned eight points.  The next highest scorer, A.J. Hawk, scored four points and was chosen by only two teams. Horrible work, Northies — just horrible. Apparently, no one expected Davon House to pick up an interception or Jamarca Sanford, filling in for the injured Harrison Smith, to glean 12 tackles and a forced fumble.

It may not look like the South was handicapped without the Saints’ Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, and Darren Sproles, but the players who kept the scores close were not doing this well earlier in the season.

Week 8 will see the North without the Chicago Bears; we’ll see if they can get similar improvement from their role players.

Good luck to all!

Week 7 Standings

Team Week 1-6 Week 7 Total
gatrbuc17 7 2 9
Team Ramrod 10 0 10
John Wilkes Booth 4 1 5
Robert J. Russ 6 1 7
Shane Tate 10 1 11
Southern Fiddylicious 10 1 11
Falconsfan0125 7 1 8
Scooped Man 7 1 8
Cam Of Steel 7 1 8
Saintschica09 5 0 5
The Doctor Professor 1 0 1
Koosh12684 9 2 11
Niemerg 13 3 16
BP 9 3 12
Rape and Pillage 15 3 18
Jwoude23 8 3 11
Childer'z Merry Band 9 4 13
JSchulz 9 3 12
Flaxidental Discharge 6 1 7
Danonwis23 11 3 14
Axis of Black & Blue 7 0 7
Prep A 11 3 14
Tramon Feel the Noise 9 3 12
Adambballn 11 3 14
MKE 10 3 13

About the author(s)

Contributing writer Randy Pearl has been a diehard Green Bay Packers fan since the beginning of the Brett Favre era, around the time he started to understand the game. He serves as commissioner for the Water Cooler Sports NFC North on South Fantasy Football Challenge. He may be reached for questions or comments at .


really poor challenge in the Denver game

natesweet moderator

Damn. Adam is solidly in first in the Pick em . He has already picked up two spots today.

natesweet moderator

philly and Dallas both screwed me i the pick em

Evil Donkey
Evil Donkey moderator

Damn, Washington is going to get shit stomped.

Evil Donkey
Evil Donkey moderator

Wow, I can't believe we won that shit show.

Building With the Alabama Hammer
Building With the Alabama Hammer

I'm going to win in my .5 PPR league despite starting Geno Smith, Bryce Brown, Jarrett Boykin, and Terrance Williams.


Evil Donkey
Evil Donkey moderator

I picked GB for the Survivor pool. 

They better not fuck this up.

Although I can't think of a single scenario where Minny wins.


If KC does win AFCW it will suck being 3rd seed and having to play Denver 


PSU loses 63-14, Caps lose 5-2 but I do not care after that Lions game. Woooooooooooooo

Derp Derpington
Derp Derpington

Well that was a fucking awesome and frustrating game


Now Lions have 1 game lead for 6th seed and Carolina schedule is a lot tougher

Evil Donkey
Evil Donkey moderator

Ok, I'm going to let LKP piss all of you off. 



5-3 Woooooo. Come on Vikings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 I was just catching up too

Evil Donkey
Evil Donkey moderator

 Well, Boykin is no slouch

AllSaintsRow moderator

Most likely will be the Colts or Bengals.


 You're telling me. 2 fluke turnovers, 2 were jsut terrible


 Lions are taking the division. You battle with GB

Evil Donkey
Evil Donkey moderator

  I have Geno in the Mirror league. I riding that fucker to the playoffs 

Building With the Alabama Hammer
Building With the Alabama Hammer

  Neither is Terrance Williams, but all of those players were waiver wire pick ups.

Moreno and Graham carry my team all day.


  Only way they win if all of the QB get hurt and punter has to play QB


  Vikings got you. You don't have 5 wins and won't after the Miracle in the MetroDome

natesweet moderator

 You probably like James Deen


  And it was great coverage on the TD by Slay on Bryant on the jump ball


  They had a short field for their other TD.Not the Ds fault


  Everyone else made a play or 2. 


  1 sack all day


  Stafford and Calvin carried them. Great D for 3 Quarters


  Vikings win is the miracle turd boy. Lions dominated. Cowboys had no business winning that game