Green Bay Packers 2013 Mock Draft 1.0

Updated: April 18, 2013
It can be difficult to predict what direction the always inscrutable Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson will go in the NFL draft.

It can be difficult to predict what direction the always inscrutable Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson will go in the NFL draft.

This is the first in a series of three mock drafts in which I will attempt to project the moves the always-enigmatic Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson will make in the 2013 NFL Draft. In each of the mocks, I will outline a different strategy Thompson could pursue.

But first, a little background.

Strange talent

As the 2013 draft approaches, there seems to be a few key things most scouts agree on:


  • The quantity of top-end offensive line talent is at an all-time high.
  • The quantity of top-end quarterback talent is at an all-time low.
  • There isn’t much top-end running back talent out there.
  • There isn’t much top-end wide receiver talent either.
  • There are possibly two tight ends worthy of being taken in the first round.

This makes things awkward for teams and analysts alike, since usually quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers make up a significant proportion of first-round picks.


  • Some top-end defensive line talent is available.
  • Some decent outside linebacker talent is available.
  • Not much inside linebacker talent is available until Rounds 2 through 5.
  • Cornerback talent is dense but not oversaturated.
  • Safety depth is very high.

This is a strange collection of defensive talent; usually defensive line and cornerbacks are very common in the first round.

So how will Thompson and the front office navigate through this peculiar labyrinth of talent? Normally, we would expect Thompson to make at least one trade, but with only eight selections at their disposal, this seems less likely. Nevertheless, in each of the mock drafts to follow, I will try to include at least one plausible “trade-up.”

Here is one possible scenario I can see unfolding.

Green Bay Packers selections

Round 1, Pick 26 (26th overall): Eric Reid, S, LSU

Finally, a safety who could replace Nick Collins. He played at an elite level against SEC competition. He has the size and frame (6’1″, 213 lbs) to play the run soundly and also has the speed and ball skills to play 1-high in coverage. He is considered an above-average tackler who will put fear into the brains of running backs and force force them lateral in his face. He has great skill to undercut a pass. Posting a 40.5-inch vertical jump, the best mark of any safety at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine, he also has the ability to go up and get the pass. He also recorded the best broad jump (134 inches) and 40-yard dash time (4.53 seconds) of any safety.

Round 2, Pick 25, (55th overall): Barrett Jones, C/G/T, Alabama

It might be a reach to take him this high, but his versatility is amazing and general manager Ted Thompson cannot afford to pass it up. Green Bay may elect to trade back a few spots in order to take him where they feel more comfortable while even adding an extra fourth- or fifth-round pick.

As a junior playing right guard after switching from left tackle, Jones won the Outland Award for interior offensive lineman of the year. He moved to center as a senior and won the SEC offensive lineman of the yea award. It’s amazing to think that he could play center if Evan Dietrich-Smith gets hurt or move to tackle if Derek Sherrod doesn’t come back and Bryan Bulaga, Don Barclay, or Marshall Newhouse go down. I have personally played every position across the offensive line; I know from experience that it’s not easy to switch at the drop of a hat. Tackles are typically used to “working on an island,” whereas guards and centers usually have a combination block to a linebacker. That he has the speed and power to be able to do all of these is extremely noteworthy.

Round 3, Pick 26 (88th overall): Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State

A well-polished product who can do it all on the field, Wheaton has that quick burst in his first steps that will create separation on cut routes and slants, which Rodgers is known to take advantage of. He is also considered to have great hands and goes to the ball on every play, whether it is behind him or above him. Although he might not be the biggest receiver at 5’11″ and 189 lbs, he is known for lowering his shoulder to dive for extra yards in the style of Packers great Donald Driver. His skills were put on show at the Combine, where he ran the 40 in 4.45 seconds, put up 20 reps on the 225-lb bench press test — best of any wide receiver — and registered the best times of any wide receiver in the 20- and 60-meter shuttle runs.

Round 4, Pick 25 (122nd overall): La’Veon Bell, RB, Michigan State

Easily my favorite pick, Bell is the best all-around back in this draft. His vision, agility, burst, power, receiving ability, and third-down blocking skills are are exactly what Green Bay needs. He will not become one of the best of all time but he will be a very strong change-of-pace back who can assume full-time duties. Having flown mostly under the radar despite achieving great success at a large program, he is being compared to Steven Jackson by many scouts.

Round 5, Pick 26, (159th overall): Logan Ryan, CB, Rutgers

Ryan was a pivotal piece in Rutgers’ fifth-ranked defense last year. At only 5’11″ and 191 lbs, he was their physical shutdown corner, stoning opposing wide receivers at the line of scrimmage. He doesn’t have the speed to run with burners, but what he does in close to receivers makes up for that. He is known as one of the best tackling cornerbacks in the draft, a vital scheme in Dom Capers’ 3-4 scheme. Ryan could easily challenge for Green Bay’s dime back slot and push Davon House along as well. I personally think that cutting Tramon Williams and having Sam Shields and Casey Hayward on the outside and Ryan and House as nickel and dime backs would bode well for the future of this offense, especially since Ryan is considered to have potential to be a No. 1 cornerback in the NFL.

Round 5, Pick 34 (167th overall) (compensatory selection): Ben Cotton, TE, Nebraska

One of the most well-rounded tight ends in this year’s draft, Cotton blocks like an extra offensive tackle according to some scouts. He has very quick feet and good placement of his hands to block. With his big 6’6”, 250-lb frame, he has decent in-line speed and is a viable red-zone and first-down threat.

Round 6, Pick 25 (193rd overall): A.J. Klein, LB, Iowa State

I have personally played against Klein; rest assured, he is an animal on the field. He leads Iowa State in tackles every year and has a knack for coming up with big plays. He has extremely good hands and ball instincts for a linebacker in coverage. He can play both inside and outside and is considered a three-down linebacker. His shoulder injuries and lack of speed makes him a late-round pick, though.

Round 7, Pick 26 (232nd overall): Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas

Taking Davis at this spot affords huge potential upside little. It’s a big stretch to assume he will still be available at this point, but his frequent ankle and leg injuries will scare a lot of teams off. I was very impressed that after two ankle fractures and a broken leg, he was still able to run a 4.37- second 40 at the Combine — best among running backs. His mark of 31 bench press reps was also the best of all running backs. At 5’10″ and 220 lbs, he has the big body required to be a third-down back while getting acclimated to the level of play in the NFL. If he can find a good medical staff, he could prove to be the steal of this draft.

About the author

Himself a veteran of the gridiron, Water Cooler Sports Network columnist Jacob Vincent is noted for his fiery, passionate writing style when analyzing the triumphs and foibles of players on the football field. A lifelong Green Bay Packers fan, he has been forced to live with his wife and children in the state of Iowa. He can be reached for questions, comments, or suggestions for articles at .

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