WCSN Power Rankings: Week 5

Quick Hits:

  • Of the 75 offensive plays the New Orleans Saints executed, only 19 were running plays.
  • Three of seven touchdown passes by Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers have been to wide receiver James Jones
  • Miami Dolphins wide receivers Brian Hartline had 19 catches for 200+ yards this passed weekend against the Arizona Cardinals. That brings his target total to 48 on the season compared to 24 for Houston Texans wide receivers Andre Johnson
  • Texans quarterback Matt Shaub has had 12 chances to score in the red zone but only scored four touchdowns.
  • Through four weeks, 36 games have been decided by eight or fewer points.
  • Saints quarterback Drew Brees has thrown at least one touchdown in 47 consecutive games, tying the record set by Hall of Fame quarterback Johnny Unitas for the longest streak. Next in line of active quarterbacks is Tom Brady with 36.
  • 2,934: the number of total points scored through the first four weeks of this season — an NFL record.
  • For the first time this year, we have a team rank at the top for more than one week. How long will the Houston Texans hold on to their perch?

For the second week in a row, the Houston Texans reign supreme in the Water Cooler Sports Network NFL Power Rankings.

Week 5 Power Rankings

Team Record Comments
1(1) Houston 4-0 Their schedule has been "weak" thus far, but they are beating teams they should beat. That is enough to for them to be 4-0 and be ranked #1.
2(2) Falcons 4-0 Looks like they are the most complete team. But Cam Newton ineptitude at the end of the game on Sunday is the reason why they are perfect still.
3(3) Ravens 3-1 No matter how ugly, a win is a win (unless you're the Seahawks – then an interception to the opposing team in the end zone is a win).
4(4) 49ers 3-1 49ers are a relatively healthy squad, but no one in their division is below .500. They will need to stay healthy if they want to keep the NFC West best record.
5(6) Patriots 2-2 Scary moment for Patriots fans to see your team being down 21-14 to the Bills. But then Tom Brady got off the bus . . . the rest is history.
6(8) Cardinals 4-0 Are they for real? Yes. Defense has given up only 15.2 ppg.
7(6) Packers 2-2 Yes, they won and yes, I moved them down. Packers seems to fear covering the middle of the field for whatever reason. When you play elite teams, expect for the defense to give up 300+ yards.
8(11) Bears 3-1 They made Dallas look very one dimensional.They have the offensive weapons to compete with anyone. Quarterback Jay Cutler needs to start being a better leader.
9(10) Chargers 3-1 They are playing a pissed-off Saints team. They are also playing one of the worst pass rushing teams in the NFL. Gonna be a great match-up.
10(5) Giants 2-2 Lawrence Tynes was 10-10 on field goals this season until he missed a potential game winner in Philly.
11(12) Eagles 3-1 In four games, the Eagles defense has given up only 366 rushing yards.
12(18) Vikings 3-1 This team has the best record in the NFC North, making this division a four-man race.
13(13) Steelers 1-2 I feel bad moving down a team coming off of a bye; but while they were resting, other teams got better.
14(11) Cowboys 2-2 Quarterback Tony Romo leads the NFL in interceptions with eight. His tied his career high for a single game with five picks on Monday night.
15(16) Bengals 3-1 Their secondary is battered and bruised. Last Sunday only two of their six cornerbacks were active.
16(20) Broncos 2-2 Does Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady still have significance in the NFL? I think it's lost some of its luster.
17(15) Lions 1-3 Detroit's back is against the wall. They have more talent on their team than they are showcasing. Let's see how they bounce back this week.
18(30) Redskins 2-2 I realized I ranked them far too low last week at 30. It was harsh. On the other hand, rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III had the first comeback win of his career this week.
19(23) Rams 2-2 Huge divisional match-up against the Seahawks this week. This game could be the difference between the Wild Card and the division.
20(17) Seahawks 2-2 My rookie of the year choice, quarterback Russell Wilson, is not panning out like I thought he would.
21(19) Bills 2-2 Straight from ESPN: Buffalo has given up 100 points in their two divisional games. Ugly.
22(14) Jets 2-2 This team is completely lost. Cornerback Darrelle Revis is done for the season and quarterback Mark Sanchez is playing as bad as he can play. (As if that were possible. Apparently, it is.)
23(21) Buccaneers 1-3 They have lost three straight games. This team needs to get their emotion back in the game.
24(24) Titans 1-3 The question of whether quarterback Jack Locker is injury prone has popped up a few times in my head.
25(25) Chiefs 1-3 Jamaal Charles is back, y'all .
26(29) Saints 0-4 I moved them up simply because I think the bottom of the list is just so damn bad that they make the Saints look like a complete team. This is called a sympathy vote.
27(28) Raiders 1-3 Give running back Darren McFadden the ball. He is your only hope.
28(26) Jaguars 1-3 The Jags have amassed a league-low of sack total of two.
29(22) Panthers 1-3 In fairness, I think the Panthers has the offensive weapons to compete. I question the psyche of their young quarterback Cam Newton.
30(27) Dolphins 1-3 They lost a game they should have won against the Redskins. Complete failure at the end of the game.
31(31) Colts 1-2 No comment.
32(32) Browns 0-4 No comment.

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