Nailed It! Week 4 Edition

Another week of football has come, and another one has gone. Many shots were called, but just how accurate were they?  Did anyone’s prognostication allow for them to be forever enshrined in the pantheon?

Do we even what to know what he nailed?

Do we even what to know what he nailed?

Read on to see the latest among us who Nailed it! in Week 4.

Final score

These are the people who have (somehow) correctly predicted the final outcome of a game involving a team from the NFC North. The only shot that was called that could be considered more famous than these belongs to . Bow down before their wisdom!  (And make sure you ask them for next week’s lotto numbers.)

Scoring differential

These are the ones who correctly predicted the margin by which the victors would best their competition.  These are also the ones to consult if you want to bet the spread.

  • Week 1:  St. Louis @ Detroit – MiracleMan and MIBearFan both correctly predicted the four-point margin.
  • Week 1:  Jacksonville @ Minnesota – LambeauOrWrigley and niemerg1 both correctly predicted the three-point margin.
  • Week 4:  Minnesota @ Detroit – Nonstopdrivel and BearsSaveLives both correctly predicted a seven-point margin in a Vikings victory.

Total combined score

These are those who somehow managed to pick the correct total score but did not have any clue in how the teams would actually get there. Still, if you want to bet an over/under, you could do worse than consulting with them.

  • Week 4:  New Orleans @ Green BayNonstopdrivel correctly predicted a combined score of 55 points between the Packers and Saints.

A tip of the cap to Nonstopdrivel for being our first to predict the combined score.  Now, we await with bated breath the first to correctly predict the final score.  Whoever that ends up being will be awarded with an as yet undetermined prize.

Now on to the rest.

Not everyone has what it takes to call his shot. Do you?

Winning team’s score

  • Week 1:  St. Louis @ Detroit – Nonstopdrivel correctly predicted that the Lions would score 27 points in their victory.
  • Week 2:  Chicago @ Green Bay – Gabes22 correctly predicted that the Packers would be held to 23 points by the Bears.
  • Week 2:  Detroit @ San Francisco – LambeauOrWrigleyMiracleMan, and bpalton007 all were correct in predicting 27 points for the 49ers.
  • Week 3:  San Francisco @ Minnesota – Gabes22 correctly had the Vikings scoring 24 points.

Against the grain

Oftentimes, our picks will be unanimous.  However, there are those who will sometimes walk their own path.

  • Week 1:  San Francisco @ Green Bay – MIBearFan was the only person who correctly predicted a win for the 49ers.
  • Week 2:  Minnesota @ Indianapolis – LambeauOrWrigleyMiracleMan, and MIBearFan were the only three (out of 12 entrants) who predicted the Colts would win.
  • Week 3:  San Francisco @ Minnesota – Gabes22 was the only person to predict the victory for the Vikings.


That’s it for this week. We’ll see who gets to join our pantheon of prognosticators next week. Until then, let’s give a little congratulatory clap to those who are listed in this article. Or not. Your choice.

If you would like to have your name forever enshrined in the vast expanse that is the internet, simply call your shot in the comment section below. I will be reviewing the comments, and keeping track as the season goes on.