“It’s Your Dime”: Kicking off the “Get It Right, Roger!” campaign — special Friday edition at 6:00 p.m. CT!

Join us this evening for a special episode of It’s Your Dime Radio on the Water Cooler Sports Network, as we kick off our “Get It Right, Roger!” Campaign.

Tune in to It’s Your Dime Radio on the Water Cooler Sports Network at 6:00 p.m. CT to find out how you can help us make the “Get It Right, Roger!” Campaign an explosive success.

We all know that the final result of the Week 3 game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers was an utter miscarriage of justice. A series of catastrophically bad calls by the replacement officials in the waning moments of the game handed what should have been a dramatic Packers victory to the Seahawks.

The mistakes were so egregious that they triggered nationwide outrage among fans throughout the league. We believe the time has come to do something about this. For this reason, we are launching a massive grassroots campaign urging NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to overturn the final result of the game and hand the victory back where it rightfully belongs: in Green Bay. In so doing, he could restore much of the goodwill the league has lost in recent years and help restore the NFL to good standing in the eyes of the public.

Tune in to It’s Your Dime Radio on the Water Cooler Sports Network to learn what you can do to help us overcome overwhelming odds. Experienced activist and community organizer Tim Hennessey will join co-hosts Rourke Decker and Nate Koenig to share tips and strategies for storming the gates of the league and rectifying one of the worst wrongs in NFL history. This campaign is about to explode, so this is your chance to be part of something big!

If you have a question or comment, or you want more details on how you can help, be sure to pick up that phone and call in to the show at (347) 426-3917. We want you to get as fired up about this as we are. If you can’t get to the phone, feel free to email the show at or tweet . As always, the It’s Your Dime interactive chat room will be open for the duration the show. The show will stream live from this page, or you can  on another tab.

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