Breakfast Burrito: Monday, May 21st, 2012

Updated: May 21, 2012

Now for some new trivia for this week, I am going to mix-and-match my skillet so that I cover all of the teams each day.  I will list Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert and assign a different team to each difficulty each day of the week.


Easy: Since the year 2000, only two Chicago Bears quarterbacks have started every game in a season.  Name them.

Medium: What Green Bay Packers  defensive player (not a defensive back) has scored four defensive touchdowns in the last two seasons?

Hard: The Minnesota Vikings have retired six jersey numbers.  Name the players they were retired in honor of and what number.

Expert: Name the player, name the opponent, and describe the play that scored the very first touchdown at Ford Field by the Detroit Lions.

Fact of the Day

The Packers traded quarterback Brett Favre to the New York Jets for a 3rd-round selection (83rd overall).  During the 2009 draft, the Packers traded their 2nd-round pick, 3rd-round pick, and Jets 3rd round pick to New England in exchange for the Patriots’ 1st round (26th overall) and 5th round pick.

That 1st-round pick was outside linebacker Clay Matthews III.

Thanks, Brett.

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