62nd Pick, CB Casey Hayward, to Green Bay Packers

Updated: April 29, 2012

2nd Round (62nd overall)
Casey Hayward – CB Vanderbilt 5’11″ 192lbs

After trading up to get DT Jerel Worthy, the Green Bay Packers traded back into the second round to select CB Casy Hayward. Hayward was the third of six straight defensive players selected by the Packers. A three year starter at Vanderbilt, the Packers have little doubt Hayward can handle playing at the NFL level. “He’s extremely smart,” Packers Cornerbacks Coach Joe Whitt Jr. said. “One thing I really liked about him when I talked to him at the combine, he understood what he was doing. He communicates at a high level on the field. He understands what the offense is trying to do to him at all times.” He is also a physical player notching 18 tackles in the backfield during his time in college. “He’s a willing tackler,” Whitt said. “He will put his nose in there. He has a complete game. There were not many holes I really found when I was evaluating.” He also fits the Packers ballhawk secondary with 13 interceptions in the last two years. General Manager Ted Thompson also agreed saying “I think he’s an all-around player. He’s very aware in space. He sees the ball well. He can play with his back to the basket, so to speak, with his back to the line of scrimmage. He has good hands, a knack for interceptions.”

The question now begs to be asked, does this pick speed up the possibility of moving Charles Woodson to safety?

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